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June 24, 2013
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                                      Supernatural X Reader : Chapter One

                                                          I Wonder


            As you walked into the door of your tiny apartment, you placed your small purse onto a wooden stool that stood to the left of the door. Carefully taking your phone out of one of the side pokets, you replaced it with your car keys. The keys clinked together noisily, before finally staying still, resting inside its little compartment. You look down at your slip-on flats, kneeling down on one knee to take them off. As you slip them off your aching feet, you place the black shoes under the legs of the mahogany stool. Standing back up, straightening your back, you sweep a stray strand of hair away from your face - tucking it behind your ear neatly.

            You look towards your right, eyeing the brown cardboard boxes that were stacked almost all the was to the roof. You sighed... you'd been in your new apartment for nearly a week now, but you still haven't had any time to unpack. Your job as a barista in the local Starbucks was tiring... but it paid pretty well. You had to take the opening shift the whole week, and then stay until closing. You supposed that "tiring" wasn't the right word for it. Oh well... the work was worth the pay. The money was enough to hold up you and your cat, so you were glad that you were at least able to support yourself.

            You walked to the boxes, and maneuvered around them. Making your way to a small kitchen/dining room area, you plop yourself down onto a wooden chair with ornate designs on its back. Looking to the very tiny hall that lead to the only bedroom in the apartment, you saw your large white and silver cat stroll out of the shadow of the room. You watched as he made his way to you, his bright blue eyes begging to be fed. Meowing quietly, he jumped on your lap, curling up into a little ball and resting his head on your knee. The cat glanced at you with his sky blue eyes, meowing once more before looking towards the food bowl that peeked at you and him from the corner of the kitchen counter.

            You smiled, thinking as you gently stroked behind his ears. He purred in delight at the loving gesture, before meowing very loudly. He jumped off of you, and ran to the food bowl. You huffed, sighing as you mumbled something about him being spoiled. Making your way to one of the four cabinets of the kitchen, you take out a can of tuna. Cracking the can open and draining the juices, you emptied the container into the cat bowl. You walked back to your chair, hearing your cat smack it's lips as it chewed the tender meat of the canned fish. Just as you reached your chair, you felt something drip heavily on the top of your head.

            Instantly you stopped walking. Quickly raising a hand to where the liquid dripped, you found the spot quickly. You brushed your fingers against the substance, which was now soaking into your hair. Bringing your hand in front of your eyes, you found some sort of black, oily liquid on the tips of your fingers. Bringing your thumb and forefinger to meet each other, you rub them together. What was this?

            You looked up, seeing where the liquid was coming from. Seeing the vent almost immediately, air rolling lazily out of it as you heard the air conditioner kick on. You heard as the A/C fizzled out as something clanked inside the ventilation system. Raising an eyebrow, you drag your chair right under the vent. Stepping on it, you stood fully on it. Just as you were about to open the vent to peer inside it, you hear someone knock frantically at your door.

            Eyeing the door, then the vent, you shrug. The vent could wait, you supposed. Walking around the boxes once more, you made your way to the door that you had just stepped through not even fifteen minutes before. Unlocking the three locks you kept locked at all times, you opened the door slowly.

"Hello?" You said quietly, looking up at the two men in front of you.

You raised your eyebrow, before looking towards the shorter one of the two, whom was holding up a badge that stated simply,'FBI Agent Angus'

The blonde said,"I'm Agent Angus, and this is my partner-in-training, Agent Young."

"We would like to ask you some... questions, ma'am." Said the other, Agent 'Young' ,  who was so tall you could mistake him for a Slenderman with a face.

"Come on in," you said simply opening the door for the two.

            You looked out the door as the two came in, peering out at their car. Was that an Impala? Looking back at the two, you glanced at their suits. They looked... really cheap. You narrowed your eyes at the two. Agent 'Angus' was holding out some sort of journal, and he and his 'partner-in-training' were whispering, pointing around occasionally. You watched as the short blonde one looked down at your cat,"Look, Sam" He said quietly, though you could hear it,"How cute."

            Then... you watched as Agent 'Young', whom you had a sneaky suspicion was named 'Sam', bent down, a hand stretched out to the seal-point fluff-ball. You smirked as the cat hissed and scratched the living-daylights out of the man's hand. He retracted his hand immediately, wincing with a "Schhh" sound.

"So now that we've cleared that my cat hates you." You started, as the two men turned around, as if they completely forgot you were there,"Who are you. Really."



I do not own Supernatural Characters, or you!

This is the first chapter for a long Supernatural X Reader series i'm doing.

I am not sure whether or not there will be any sort of pairings between the reader and a certain character, but i'll just leave it at this for now.

Chapter One: You're Here!

Chapter Two is on the way!


I do not own Supernatural Characters, or you!
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Love it.
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Part two please
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This is great! Please update when you get the chance. :) You are a really talented writer.
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Slenderman with a synonym for Sam Winchester I've heard in all my years.
Seraphina-Parks-22 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
more please
Izzythekiller Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2013
I like how you referred to him as a slenderman with a face!! XD
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